Monday, April 1, 2013

Stage IV

What your cancer story?
When did you realize something was awry?
Did you find it yourself or did your doctor tell you?

And what did you do?

I'm working on a story in which multiple characters are diagnosed with cancer and I those voices must be authentic.

The crux of the story is a friend who knew she carried both BRCA 1 and 2 and who had many women in her family of breast cancer. Grandmother, mother, sisters, cousins, a daughter.

She ate well, exercised regularly, raised her family, and tried to live each day to the fullest all the while knowing that she might be diagnosed herself the next time she was in the doctor's office. Her diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer -- came when she was 55. She opted for no treatment. After seeing so many women in her family through chemo and radiation she decided it wasn't what she wanted. She lived for three years after her diagnosis, a year longer than any of her family members who had treatment. (Which is another story.)

She asked me to write her story, and I agreed. My first step is to listen to the stories of other people who have had cancer: all of you who are willing to share.

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