Monday, July 21, 2014

Gimme a beat!

 I don't go all fangirl over actors, it's good writing that does it for me. Good scripts, good storytelling. Yes, I think about all writing as a script; even technical non-fiction. We all use the same beat sheet for writing, over the years our audiences have come to expect certain actions at certain times in a script. We play with that, of course, but I am always excited to find the beats pulsing under a particularly good bit of writing.

Iambic pentameter counts!

I've been reviewing Dr. Who episodes in preparation for editing a manuscript. My Whovian friends have recommended must-see clips and episodes, it's been a fun. I admit to not seeing an entire episode since at least 1986; and blushingly also admit to knitting a very long scarf like the fourth doctor's for a boy. :)

As much as the time lord idea intrigued me, I'm more of a Red Dwarf girl, but I digress.

A long, long list of writers from fifty years of Dr. Who; but I can pick out Douglas Adams' writing, even as "David Agnew"; and in the recent programs, can easily see Moffat & Gatiss's style. Though I can't quite tell one from the other, their cadence is unique. And switching over to the BBC's Sherlock, also written by Moffat & Gatiss, I'm intrigued that Stephen Thompson wrote the most- and least-popular episodes, gives hope to writers.

 I stopped watching Sherlock after that least-liked program, "The Blind Banker". It was saturated with racial stereotypes, made me cringe. I expected Charlie Chan to appear at any moment.

And shortly thereafter digital TV came in, that was the end of watching the tube for me. Wasn't until our DSL was stable out her until I could stream video effectively. Apparently I didn't miss much in the TV world. Realisty TV? Talk about not needing writers. Or paying union scale... oh, don't get me started...

All that being said, It'd be pretty spiffy to work with Moffat and Gatiss. Wonder what they would think about having a non-white, female writer on the team? Do I have a pitch? You bet, if anyone is listening.

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